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Reasons Why You Should Have Engagement Shoots

It has been a trend today to have photoshoot sessions days (or months) before a couple's wedding day.

And I guess we were one of those couples who are into the "trend". We just had ours last December 2016! 😊 I'll be sharing of this wonderful experience in a separate blog post. 

Some would say it is just a waste of money. Others say this kind of stuff is just peer pressure (like every couple on social media does it so why won't we - kind of thing). And there are also a some who doesn't like prenup photos because they feel unnatural(like why are they on the woods wearing long gowns, anyway)

Whilst some would say engagement shoots are unnecessary, here are some of the reasons why I honestly think we should have one.
Get to know your photographer. Your photographer will be one of the people who would play a very important role on your wedding day. He will be there to capture this once in a lifetime moment in your lives. It would be great if you could see their a…

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