Friday, February 24, 2017

Candies Can be Evil

I could've kept this experience to myself to avoid people judging my parenting but I felt the need to share this so parents would be aware that what seemed to be harmless little sweets (and all those cute very tiny stuffs) can actually be evil monsters in disguise.

It was a fine Saturday evening when we meet up with a couple of college buddies for some dinner and hot choco (because I can't have too much coffee).

My little girl was busy playing with her new toys. I took one piece of Mentos candy (because my hormones are telling me I should have one) and she immediately came up to me and begged for a piece, too. I gave her one.

We continued with our chit-chat's. Just when Akee walked right in front of me (btw, she was busy walking around this time), she accidentally swallowed the Mentos candy!

She didn't cry but she seemed to be gagging. We tried taking it out, or at least just push it down so the candy would no longer be stuck on her throat.

You could read: What to Do If Your Child Swallows Something

The waitress offered us water but my bestfriend refused to take it. She said not to let Akee drink water because this might cause more choking.

After a few seconds, Akee began to cry. Which is a good sign by the way, cause it just means her airway isn't blocked. But I got a little paranoid and I wanted to make sure the evil candy isn't there anymore so we rode all the way to the nearest emergency room.

While being on the car, Akee was already calm and said "Akee, yayay~" and we were like "Awww~"

When we reached the ER, we told the nurses of the situation. They just looked at Akee and was like "She looks fine."

But because it's me, the ever skeptical me, I wanted them to do something.. anything just so I will be at ease. They suggested to do an X-Ray scan.

Fortunately, no foreign object was found. The doctor said that because the candy was circular, it would have easily "fall" into the stomach. She said to give Akee her milk and if she does not vomit, then she is totally fine.

I felt so relieved and grateful that nothing so serious happened. Since that night, I always make sure that everything she puts in her mouth is well sliced, even removing almonds from chocolates. And of course, no more Mentos candies.

Another monster could be an itsy bitsy little bead. My niece picked up a bead and accidentally stuck it inside her nose.

It was another trip to the ER and the bead was taken out in a few minutes.

You could read: What to Do When Something Gets Stuck in the Nose

These traumatic experiences made me realize that tiny stuffs (even small candies) and toddlers shouldn't go together! I mean that's why some toys had a warning label "Not suitable for children under 3 years old". (Yeah, I learned a valuable lesson not to ignore these warnings).

I examined all of Akee's toys, took all the tiny ones and kept them somewhere out of reach from the children.

My niece also promised never to play with beads and small objects anymore. I'm grateful that kids are smart and could learn from these accidents, too. :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Have Engagement Shoots

It has been a trend today to have photoshoot sessions days (or months) before a couple's wedding day.

And I guess we were one of those couples who are into the "trend". We just had ours last December 2016! 😊 I'll be sharing of this wonderful experience in a separate blog post. 

Whilst some would say it is just a waste of money and that this kind of stuff is just peer pressure (well every couple on social media does it so why won't we - kind of thing), here are some of the reasons why I honestly think we should have engagement shoots.

Get to know your photographer.

Your photographer will be one of the people who would play a very important role on your wedding day. He is there to capture this once in a lifetime moment in your lives. It would be great if you could see their actual works. And by actual works, I am referring to their photos of YOU.

Yes, you may settle with just looking at their folios, yes, you could depend on other people's reviews. But wouldn't it be great if you would be able to see and experience how your potential wedding photographer works? 

I have heard some stories of friends that they aren't happy with their wedding photographs and I wouldn't want to experience the same.

Know which pose or angle you look best.

If you have not yet experienced being taken by a professional photographer, then maybe this is the perfect time to try it!

You would be able to see how you would look in certain angles. See which of your smiles you'd look best. It's a good time to experiment poses, too.

This would also be helpful to your photographers as well since they would already know which angle they would most likely take a photo of you from.

By your wedding day, you'll be confident you'll look great on your wedding photos!

Announcement for the Big Day!

These photos could be used a a "Save the Date" announcement for your big day! Hooray!
You could print this out for your invitations or even for your giveaways. 

As for my case, I haven't really announced it yet but since a few of our engagement photos have already been out, everyone already assumed they're going to hear wedding bells real soon. Hihi.

See? I guess I don't need to announce it after all. 😊

Celebrate LOVE and FAMILY

You take photos to celebrate your love as a couple. You both will be going on a new chapter of your lives. Marriage (as what most people say) isn't easy. It will be full of ups and downs. Let your engagement photos be a reminder of the love you have for each other and may this grow stronger every day even after you have already tied the knot.

Personally for me, I really loved how our photographer allowed our little Akisa to be part of the photoshoot. We are a family after all and children should always be part of the love every couple shares. 😊

How about you? Are you also planning to take engagement shoots before your big day? 

Special thanks to the awesome team who made this photo session a great success! 

Photographer: Seph Aparente Folios

Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Video Shows what the Season is All About

Hey, guys!

I am proud to present to you our short video on our interpretation of the meaning of Christmas.

The film starts with a victim pursuing the thief who just stole his wallet. As the wild chase began, a series of events unfold showing how kindness and love can be shared to each and everyone.

Watch the film below:

Feel free to share the video and spread the love. 💛

Were you able to count how many times the Pokemon Go Guy appeared? Post your answer on the comments section below. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Am I an Irresponsible Parent If My Child Gets Hurt?

I stumbled upon a video on Facebook wherein a mother (or she could be the nanny but everyone assumed she was the mother) puts her child on the changing diaper table. Something caught her attention and so she turned her back for a few seconds. The child then rolled over and fell off the table. The older brother's spider sense tingled and he caught the baby! The mother hugged them both, thankful that the baby was unharmed and proud of her older son who acted as a hero.

Now, instead of the netizens celebrating how heroic the elder child is and actually be thankful that the baby is fine, they were busy bashing and criticizing how irresponsible the mother is. She should have never left the baby on the table and nothing should have took her attention away from the baby.

In the mother's defense, there were also a few people who said things like this could happen anytime and they're sure that the mother has learned her lesson so there's no need for people to be too hard on her.

So the question is: Would it make you an irresponsible parent if your child gets hurt?

I asked myself the same question a few months back. Little Akisa was playing around and basically showing off her dress to her uncles and auntie. I specifically told her not to get near the electric fan while I was busy preparing our stuffs (we were going out that day). While I was not looking at her, she just kept on running in and out of the room. Suddenly, I just heard her screamed. She accidentally had her fingers scratched with the fan blades. Fortunately enough, the blades were made of plastic so it didn't (God forbid!) cut her finger, but it still hurts.

When my friends knew about it, they immediately said I was too irresponsible. I know they were joking but it still hit me. Was I really an irresponsible parent because my daughter got a scratch? Well, I know it wasn't just a scratch, and I can't reason out "I was busy." or "I already told her not to go near it." It just wouldn't sound right.

Back when Akee just learned to walk, she didn't want me to hold her. She'd keep on pulling her hand so I'd let her go. So I allowed her to walk on her own while I was walking beside her.

She lost balance.
I wasn't fast enough.
She bumped her head.

She's got a huge bukol on her forehead and I blamed myself for letting go of her little hands.

Here's a photo of little Akisa with that bump on her forehead.
Going back to when my friends called me "irresponsible", I messaged my bestfriend and asked her if I was indeed irresponsible.

To give you a background of what kind of person she is, she loves good laughs and is super crazy! She'd do the silliest of things and she's loud and frank and bold and crazy! Oh, did I mention she is crazy? (Haha, love you, dae XD)
I expected her to give me a long sermon or the craziest of advice but then, I guess she's grown mature enough that she actually gave a decent answer.

Am I an irresponsible parent if my child gets hurt?

She said that parents aren't perfect. There will always be a time when our little ones would get hurt. They will get scratches and wounds. They'll fall on their knees. They'd get bumps on their heads. But that's one way for them to learn.

They got hurt because they played with the electric fan? Then next time, they'll be sure not to play with it anymore.
They fell because they lost balance? Then they'll learn to get back up and walk again more carefully this time.

Things like wounds and bumps on the head aren't unavoidable especially if your child is too energetic and curious. The important thing is to be with them and make sure they'll be okay if they got hurt.

Everyone is perfect and much better parents until they actually have a child on their own.

So instead of dwelling on what everyone says about me as a parent, I should be more focused on what I should do as a parent for my daughter. It's how my little Akisa looks at me that matters, anyway.

When I get home from work, Akee keeps on blabbering stuffs like she's telling me how her day has been.
She kisses me every time I pout my lips. She hugs me when I tell her I want some love.

So, I guess my little girl didn't hold any grudges or did not at least blame me for the huge bump on her forehead or the scratches on her fingers.

Am I a responsible parent?

I'll let my little Akisa decide on that. 😊

Monday, November 21, 2016

Toddler Essentials: What to Bring on a Typical Day Out

Going out of Never Land has offered me lots of challenges and responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is to have a little child who would mean the world to me.

As a parent of a toddler, every time we decide to have a nice walk outdoors or even a quick stroll at the mall, it is very important to make sure that we bring everything we nee-..
uhm.. Let me rephrase that. *coughs*
It is very important to make sure that we bring everything our little girl needs.

For the first few months of being a parent, going out of the house has become stressful for me especially since I have to carry double of what I usually bring. I felt like I needed to bring everything! From diapers to clothes to sleeping mats and pillows... well yea. Basically, if I could just bring the whole house just to make sure I don't forget anything, I would.

Now that little Akisa isn't so little anymore, I learned that I need not bring the whole closet. I just have to carefully think what stuffs are really necessary.

Here is my own personal list of things to bring on a typical day out with a toddler.


It is very important to bring an extra pair of diapers because you'll never know when they would feel the need to answer nature's call. As for me, I've been really lucky since my little girl really does her business at home. 😊 But sometimes, if it's a long day out, it's really necessary to change her diapers since this could cause rashes and irritation.

I used to bring five or six extra diapers but then I never really used that much. So now I'm just bringing two or three.

Milk, water and baby bottle

Since Akee still drinks milk, I had to prepare three (3) servings of milk, and of course her baby bottle. Some kids prefer their milk warm. I'm lucky *again* that Akee is fine with lukewarm milk. There are times I don't bring water, though, because it is additional weight. But I would buy one outside. Well.. yea, it's kinda confusing since buying outside still does give additional things to carry but whatever. 😀

Bib or small hanky

Toddlers can be very messy during mealtime so thank God for bibs and hankies! 😀

Wet wipes

Very useful especially during changing of diapers.
And in the absence of a bib or a hanky, wet wipes will do.😉

Extra clothes

Kids are full of energy. They could be very active and tend to get dirty easily or would sweat a lot so it would be a good idea to bring extra clothes. As for me, I would only bring extra clothes when it's going to be a long day out or when I'm pretty sure that little Akisa's going to get dirty or sweaty at some point (ie. we're going somewhere I'm sure she'll be running around).

That's it! Those are the stuffs I'd bring on a day out with little Akee.

Wait! How about a baby stroller?

Well, we used to bring a baby stroller with us but now we have decided NOT to anymore. Why? Simply because Akee doesn't want to ride on it. She loves to walk! And it's a hassle looking for elevators and ramps because it would be unsafe to have the stroller on escalators.

What about you? What important things do you bring on your day out with your toddler? 
I'd love to hear from you. 😊 Feel free to leave a message on the comments section below.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How I Got Over My Last Heartache

I am writing this because I know there are a lot of people out there whose hearts got broken.

I know it isn't easy to move on just like everyone is telling you to do. I don't even want to compare each heartache. Your pain is not lesser than your friend's or theirs lesser than yours.

I hope to reach out to you in a way and make you feel that you're not alone. That you're not the only person who has gone through this. I know it's hard, but I'm sure you'll get over this.

Before I got to meet Mr. Kulot, I, too, have my share of heartaches. But I did get over them and I am living my life now with my significant other and a cute little daughter. :)

The day some guy left me, I was filled with so many questions.

"What did I do wrong?" "Did he ever loved me?" "Was I just used all this time?"

I feel I deserved to know the truth.

Days passed and I'm not even close to finding the answers. The worst part is I know this was coming, I was just in denial that it would. I forced myself to believe in a "love" that I know never existed.
There were nights I cried myself to sleep, woke up the next day only to find that I didn't get any messages.

I prayed to God, not to bring him back, but to give me enough strength to accept that we were not meant to be. I prayed for guidance and courage to get through this.

I lived my days improving myself.
I know I had to be better because I deserved much better.
That's when it struck me.

"What did I do wrong?" "Did he ever loved me?" "Was I just used all this time?"

These aren't the truths that I should be seeking for.

What I need to see is the truth of my worth.
The truth about what and who really mattered.

When I realized this truth, I was able to see my true value.
It wasn't really a loss. He just didn't deserve me. And I didn't deserve him.

I surrounded myself with people who truly cares. For the first time, I felt like I didn't have to beg for attention. I got promoted. I accomplished greater things.
And all these I got without him.

There were times I wanted to reach out  and tell him how well my life has been doing. But then, there's really no need to do that because he is not a part of it, anymore.

All I could do now to get even with the past is to be better and to always turn to God.
I thanked Him because I know He's preparing me for someone so much better.

It took quite a while to remove him from my system but I eventually did.

Maybe God saw I was ready so He let me meet  Mr. Kulot. ☺

You see, I didn't just moved on with a snap of a finger. It didn't happen overnight. It is a process - a process of forgiveness, healing and moving forward. You don't really forget, you will just learn to accept and deal with the pain  until it hurts no more.

You may still be hurting today, but don't worry. You're not alone. Always talk to God and know that He always answers your prayers.

You're stronger than you think. You can get over this.
Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday you will.
Someday you will thank him/her for letting you go.

And that someday starts now. ☺

Monday, October 10, 2016

All You Can Eat at Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine, located at City Times Square across Parkmall Mandaue, offers free buffet on your birth month! Yes, for the WHOLE MONTH!! You just have to bring with you three (3) regular "paying" customers so you could avail of the promo.

Since it's my sister's birth month, we have decided to have our lunch there.

I can't say I'm a huge eater (though Mr. Kulot says I am) but I really love to taste different variety of dishes.

Feast your eyes on these delectable dishes! And maybe go visit them one of these days and munch on the real thing, too!
Note that there's still a lot more that I haven't taken photos of.

They have the what I call the "Japanese section".

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Sushi of different kinds!

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Free to choose what kind of noodle you'd want and what you want to be in it.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Kinds of maki
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Different kinds of soup
Then they have dimsum!

Kropek, Fried Wanton, Peanuts, etc!!

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Always steamin' ;)
Then here comes the "ulam" section. :D

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Already full just by looking at these.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Nam nam!
Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Spicy crab!!! ♥
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Different kinds of condiments. You may mix and match depending on your taste preference.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

For those who are avoiding meat, there is unlimited supply of fruits and veggies for you.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
These veggies are so fancy! Haha

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Different dressing for your salad.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Fruit salad and some "greens" for your make-it-yourself salad.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Fruit salad and veggie salad.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Not sure why the shrimp is placed here. 
Western section? I don't know, you decide.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Make your own sandwich. Fine choices of spreads and even for the bread.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Nachos!!! Cheese, onions and salsa available!
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
I love their fries~!! Seemed to be seasoned with pepper, but not sure.
Choice of ketchup or tartar sauce OR BOTH as dip.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
You can even make your own shawarma!
Drinks are also unlimited. There are juices, shakes, soda.. and even draft beer is unlimited!

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Had the Green Apple juice. Just because. :)
And of course! Any international cuisine isn't complete if there are no desserts.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Choco fountain :D
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Candy bar.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Not much of an ice cream lover but I know many people who are.
So hooray for you! Unlimited scoops of ice cream :D

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
You may make your own halo-halo, too.
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Brownies, cookies and cakes!
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
These jellies on shot glasses. :D
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
I want to eat them all!!
And their birthday treat doesn't end there.
The staff would sing and perform a dance number for the celebrant! Haha . :D
They would give a slice of cake and a simple message, too. :)

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Let's see if you can check them all :D
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Birthday promo.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

I wasn't able to taste all of the dishes because I was already full.

I'll be sure to come back on MY birth month! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Do Eat at BBQ Chicken and Beer

Mondays aren't always blue. And to celebrate this thought, Mr, Kulot and I decided to try another restaurant located at 2nd floor JCentre Mall - BBQ Chicken and Beer.

Cheeseling Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer

I remember we passed by the said establishment a few months ago, but that was just to take some pictures of little Akisa.

A photo posted by J Cyrel | Aya Byuu (@ayisharu) on

We were warmly greeted by one of the staff who was standing outside showcasing their menu. We took our seats and scanned through the menu.

BBQ Chicken and Beer

BBQ Chicken and Beer

BBQ Chicken and Beer
What immediately caught my attention was the Spicy Dduk-bokki. It looks so much like the topokki from Topokki Man. I ordered one while Mr. Kulot is still busy going over the menu.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
Just do EAT!
It took us quite a while to decide on what else to order. Thankfully, the waiter came to the rescue! He asked what our taste preferences are and recommended some dish based on it.

While waiting for the food, I looked around the restaurant. It feels cozy. I love the "brick-designed" walls with a few frames hanging on it. The frames, by the way, contains inspirational and humorous quotes. Didn't took a photo, sorry. It somehow gives a vintage yet an acoustic Friday vibe.
I'd love to have this on the kitchen or dining room :)
If only they're working.... and if only I have my own kitchen. Lol.
However, the music didn''t really complement with that "acoustic-Friday" vibe. They seem to play anything random from pop to Jadine songs. Well, as long as the music doesn't really disturb the whole dining experience, it's fine. :)

Just like any other restaurants, they first served us our drinks - Green Apple Ade.
Green Apple Ade - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Green Apple Ade
It is served in a cute mini pitcher which is good for two people.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
We're not really allowed to drink directly from a pitcher but tonight's an exception.
And oh! Look behind me. Those are the frames I was talking about.
The piquant taste reminds me of the ice candy pop I used to love back when I was a kid. Its flavor seems to make suksuk in my taste buds in a good way.

The next to be served is the Spicy Dduk-bokki which I was so excited to try!
Spicy Dduk-bokki - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Spicy Dduk-bokki
The spicy dduk-bokki consists of rice cakes with sweet and spicy sauce topped with egg and a few strips of nori. It tastes slightly (with emphasis on slight) similar with topokki, only that this gives more of a seafood flavor. The waiter said it's a bit spicy.. but it's very spicy for me! XD

Next came the Paris Chicken.
Paris Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Paris Chicken
I have to apologize I couldn't give much of an informative review over this dish. Though I feel the meat is flavorful (as what Mr. Kulot said), my tongue is still suffering from the spiciness of the dduk-bokki.

The last to be served is the Cheeseling Chicken.
Cheeseling Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Cheeseling Chicken
My taste buds were quite relieved now so I was able to taste this one very well. Its taste isn't something too far from ordinary fried chicken but what makes this different is the cheese flavor added to it... through cheese powder!

Well, I love cheese but I'm not a fan of cheese powders. So I removed the skin and just enjoyed this dish. :)

Oh! And I had to commend the salad as side dish! It's nam nam!

BBQ Chicken and Beer
Big eater!
Mr. Kulot and I had a very fulfilling dinner. We weren't able to finish everything so we brought them home to share with the rest of the family.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
I look so happy *and full* here. Parang nanalo lang? Haha!
So what to do to celebrate?
Do EAT at BBQ Chicken and Beer👍