Friday, May 1, 2015

Celebrating Akee's Birthday at Cebu Westown Lagoon

April 14, 2015 Tuesday - we decided to take our leaves so we could celebrate our daughter's first birthday.

Our first stop was Basilica del Sto. Niño to supposedly attend mass. But because there was no scheduled mass that time, we just lit up some candles.

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We took a few more photos before we head out for lunch.

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We had our lunch at Jollibee Parkmall just to save us some time and money.

After we had our lunch, we proceeded to Cebu Westown Lagoon which is just located at MO2 Restobar. It is a less than five-minute-ride from Parkmall.

Upon arriving, I had to inquire first about the rates.

Entrance fee for adults is Php300. This already includes one free drink that you could claim at the pool bar.

The rate for the small cottage which is good for 12-16 persons is Php600.
The big cottage which is good for 20-25 persons is Php1200.

And wait! Those are the rates if you go there by Monday to Friday (DAY ONLY).
The rates differ if it's a holiday or a weekend, and yes - the prices are doubled!

It's really a bit pricey especially since it is located on the city-proper.

Sorry for the blurred picture.
Thinking it would be impractical to rent a cottage so big (since there are only three (3) of us excluding our child), I asked if they have some kind of area where we could just place our things.

Fortunately enough, they offer some picnic tables which are free. But it is on a first come, first serve basis. The place was not crowded that time so we were able to secure a table. Lucky!

I also saw some who were just using lockers. Not sure if those are free, though.

They are also strict with the swimwear. If in case you went all the way there and you forgot to bring a proper swimming attire (such as myself), don't worry. They have swimming attires ready for rent at Php100 with Php100 deposit.

There were two pools - one for the kids and one for the grown-ups.

I didn't waste much time and took a dip in the kiddie pool.

The water was so cool - just perfect for the hot weather.

I loved the kiddie pool because it has so much stuff in it that would honestly bring out the inner child in you.

The slides is a common thing for swimming pools, but they also have that one giant pail of water above that would splash down water once it is full! I know it's hard to get what I am trying to say, but putting myself in the shoes of the little kids swimming around, I believe they are excitedly waiting for the giant pail to get full.

There's also this mini-cave thing where it constantly "rains".

We rested for a while as my daughter was already sleepy.

They also offer food so we bought some clubhouse sandwich and fries.
And oh, it's okay to bring food just as long as it is not lechon. They also charge corkage fee for each alcoholic drink.

Moving on, when my little one had already woken up, we went back swimming. This time, on the "grown-ups" pool. They have this huge "stone bridge" thing where water always flows, as if it is raining - same with the cave-thing at the kiddie pool.

It was already getting late and we still need to go home for some "birthday dinner".

So we tidied up our area and got ready to go.

But first, pictures!

Our little Akee just learned how to walk so she really enjoyed walking long distances at the playground.

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We bid the place goodbye and proceeded to fetch my mother who asked us how our day was.

We then went home to have our dinner.

I would also like to thank my generous manager for giving us a birthday cake (from 10 Dove Street) for our little girl.

Akee is not really much of a cake fan, but I was pretty sure she really liked this one.

It's been a very great day and we are very thankful to everyone, especially to Daddy God for all these blessings He has bestowed upon us and our family.

To God be the glory.

Happy birthday, my little Akisa ♥


My SO came to pick me up last night (April 30) so we could have dinner outside together.
And it has always become a dilemma as to where.

I would be like "Where shall we eat?"
He would be like "You decide."
Then I get so grumpy because I can't think of anywhere else he would approve of immediately asides from Jollibee.
He isn't really choosy, btw. It's just me.

So since we were already in JCentre Mall, I decided to bring him to Snakyard.

We ordered the Pesto Herbed Porkchop which only costs Php85 (without the drinks) as the main course.

While waiting for our orders, I took a quick shot of the stall - yeah, it's just a food stall.

Addictive porkchops, eh?

In no less than five (5) minutes, they already served us our food.

Pesto Herbed Porkchop

The presentation was a little dull and boring and there were only a couple of (not to mention, really tiny) cucumber slices.

But despite the lack of garnish, the food tastes really great!

I love how tender the meat is and I just love the taste. I may be a little biased on this one because I really love the taste of butter.

My SO also loved it, saying it tastes much better than the one at *censored* which I always recommended him to try.

After the main course, we were served our dessert - Brownie ala mode which costs Php59.

Brownie ala mode

I really liked the presentation of this one.

The brownie is a little hot as if it was just freshly baked, topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Just perfect! Just how exactly I liked it to be.

But then I was not able to (and I believe I can't) finish it by myself because I just find it too sweet for me considering I love sweet stuffs.

Nevertheless, we had a very satisfying dinner which does not cost us much!

Snakyard is located at 3rd floor JCentre Mall Food Xpress.

You may want to check more photos of Snakyard in Instagram.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Enjoy Summer Without Quitting Your Job

Everybody's been posting their summer pictures at the beach, on mountains, on expensive resorts and basically anywhere summery (tagged with #summer2015)!

Green Lagoon (Compostela)
Source: Instagram (ayisharu)

And you're there sitting on your workstation having to work for 40 hours (or more!) a week!

You prolly end up thinking you'll miss the summer fun.

But hey! That shouldn't be the case.

Here are some things you could do to enjoy the season without having to quit your job.

Wear something comfortable.

Stop getting envious of people wearing bikini at the beach. Instead, focus on getting comfortable this summer even while working in the office.

It doesn't have to be that Hawaiian polo shirt Pong (Coco Martin) wears on the movie You're My Boss to feel so summery, it just needs to be something comfortable for the season.

You may want to check out Zalora's collection of comfortable jeans to match with that cool shirt for a perfect OOTD.
Or maybe it's time you'd pull out that cute summer dress of yours, give off the summer vibes and still look professional at work.

Treat yourself.

Just because you're not in the beach does not mean you don't deserve some summer treats.

Get yourself some smoothie, desserts, or try this new mixture of fresh fruits with milk and ice cream! Nam!

Sugbo's Knicker Bocker (Talamban)
Instagram (ayisharu)
Brownie ala Mode (Dessert Factory)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Orange Freeze (Pancake House)
Instagram (ayisharu)

If you're feeling a little sleepy at work, go out and get yourself some cold frappuccino.

Mocha Frappe (Starbucks)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Go somewhere new on rest days.

You may not be able to go somewhere really far because your rest days may not be enough for the travel.

But hey! There are still lots of places nearby that you have not really explored yet.

Try taking a quick stroll to that park not many people know about.

Senen's Mountain Resort (Liloan, Cebu)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Gather with your closest friends for dinner after your shift.

Despite of the busy schedule, you should always take time to catch up with the latest chika's over dinner.

Kublai Khan (Ayala Center Cebu)

The food may always taste good but it would always taste better if you're eating with your friends.

And maybe get a glass of cold wine afterwards.

La Vie Parisienne (Lahug, Cebu)

Learn to appreciate what is around you.

Do not wait for you to be on an expensive resort to appreciate the beauty around.

God has made the world so beautifully.

Oakridge Business Park (Banilad, Cebu)

Look around and get ready to be marveled at things you would see.

Oakridge Business Park (Banilad, Cebu)

Take a quick dip on weekends.

Ok, let's face it.
You really want to go swimming on summer.

Well, good thing that there are already lots of resorts that are just on the city-proper such as Cebu Westown Lagoon.

Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue, Cebu)
Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue, Cebu)

Or take a short ride north to many more resorts.

Socorro Beach Resort (Danao, Cebu)

Green Lagoon (Compostela, Cebu)

You really don't need to go that far to have a quick dip.

But if you really want to go somewhere far away (in a limited time),  you could consider travelling south to see more breathtaking views.

This kind of trips doesn't consume much of your time and you could already enjoy a quick summer break in just two (2) days!

Cartagena Beach Walk Resort (Alcoy, Cebu)
Source: Instagram (ayisharu)

These are just some tips on enjoying summer even without having to quit your job or taking a vacation leave.

I, personally, have plans on going back to Camotes, and maybe Bohol but since I've got no vacation leaves available yet, I'm sticking with these tips for now. And really, I'm still enjoying my summertime!

I've also known some friends who are into mountain-climbing and I think it's just awesome! You might also want to try that one.

Do you have anything to add?

Please feel free to leave a message on the comments section.

God bless and enjoy summer!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dream: Unwanted


I am writing this on the 7th of April.

Well, I was not really going to write anything today but I just had the most disturbing dream... ever.

Maybe you're guessing it's about me being unwanted and all because of my blog title.

But, no.

This is not about me.

This has nothing to do with my life right now.

This is about the unwanted children.

Children whose parents could not even love and accept them.

I can't even have the courage to search for a photo for this part.

So just like in any usual dreams, it all started somewhere unfamiliar with people I don't even know who.

But then all I know is that when I am still in my dreams, I kind of know them and it kind of have a reason why I am with these people.

We were on the hospital and there's this woman who had just given birth.

She said she never really wanted the child and so she wants to do the "procedure".

The so-called procedure is to bathe the newborn with vinegar.

The vinegar would slowly burn the newborn until he "melts"... literally.

It was really sad and painful... and I was just there!

I wanted to convince them not to go through with it, but it seems I have no control over myself.

I can't speak to them.

I can't reason out.

I just stood there and watched.

I can hear the baby cry.


I can't explain how I feel.

I am sad. Angry. I don't know!

And then I closed my eyes because I can't take this harsh "reality" that some parents could do this to their child.

Just then, I woke up.

I saw my daughter beside me and I hugged her tight.


I am writing this article so that people would realize that what they're doing to an unborn child is no different from the born ones.

NO to abortion.


Monday, April 6, 2015

How Real is the Real World?

Yay! It's that time of the year again when some of our dear friends will finally march their way to success and receive that much worked for diploma.

Source: Google images
That scent of "FREEDOM" from all school duties!
That moment where you're so excited to throw that graduation hat the same way you would always see it in the movies!


Finally!!! Ariel happened to me...

And then everyone's there with wide smiles saying,

"Congratulations!!" THANK YOU

"I am so proud of you!" I AM TOO HAHA

"You finally made it!" YEAH! THAAANKS!!!

"Welcome to the real world!!" 

And the lively background music stops the moment you hear those last words.

Source: Google images

What do people really mean?

Am I living in a fake world all this time?

Why do they make it sound so exciting yet frightening at the same time?

How real is this real world they are talking about?

What I am going to share in this article are the things I have personally experienced during my own "marching on" moment - mixed feelings of happiness, anxiety and depression.

Here are some of the things and dilemmas I experienced when I first stepped into the real world.

When will I start working?

Or better yet, the right question was "Should I really need to start working immediately?"
I mean, come on. I just graduated! Let me enjoy first! Enjoy what!?

At first, I did not dwell much on the idea, but honestly, I am a little scared of relatives who will pressure me sometime soon if I don't get a job yet.

I'm pretty sure they'll be like, "Why have you not applied for a job yet? It will be a waste of time if blah blah blah's"

Source: Google images

And then, I've got the trouble of even creating a presentable CV.

What do I even write?

Who will I put as reference?

What trainings and extracurricular activities should I include?

Should I really have to add what my parents' occupations are?

Luckily (yea maybe), I was hired right away by the company where I had my internship.
I started my first job a month after I graduated.

I can't control my own free time! Pfft.

Is what I instantly felt when I signed the employment contract with my first job.

I was then left there - with pouted lips - comparing college life and the "professional" life.

In college, I've got to choose my own schedule.
Heck, I could even have a four-hour breaktime if I want to.

Source: Google images
with a slight edit in the labels

Not in the office!
They'll strictly keep track of all my log in's and log out's.
Even absences need approval. Ugh!

Earn own income - no more allowance.

This was something I was so excited about working.

My own money! Yay!!

Source: Google images

But then again, because of the same reason that I am earning my own money, my parents are not giving me allowance anymore. Huhuhu

I was actually a bit lucky though that I was not pressured right away to help pay bills or anything.
So that time, I felt "WOW! I have my money all for myself!!!!" that I always spend dinners outside.

Thinking of it now makes me realize I could have used it for something more useful that time.
But anyway, yea. That's it.

But if you aren't too lucky such as myself, you might be obliged to help pay with the monthly bills (and remember, no more allowance!)

Missing college (or school days).

Source: Google images

Sometimes (or actually, most of the times! Haha) I find myself missing my college friends - and surprisingly, even my college professors and subjects!

I get that it-will-never-be-the-same-again feeling - as if I had just broken up with someone whom I had a relationship for the longest time. And the funny thing is that I have never really been in a very long relationship until now HA!

I was even thinking of getting my masters degree just to be in school again.
But yea.

It. Will. Never. Be. The. Same.

Work-Life Balance.

Source: Google images

As someone who was just hired for her first job, I had to struggle in keeping my attitude professional at the office while also trying hard to keep my personal life alive.

And then I have to make sure even my social media accounts need to be "professional-looking" because that's what my mother always says.

Bosses would always take time to search you in the internet and see what things their employees are saying about them.

Well, maybe in my case, it was not really that hard since our working environment back then was just as lax as during my internship days and everyone was just so friendly.

Again, maybe I was just so lucky.

Being offered with different kinds of "opportunities".

Okay, so now that I have started earning my own income, everyone seems to want me take some kind of investment, insurance or whatever they call it.

Honestly, by this time, all I ever want is to enjoy (enjoy what!?)! I have not the slightest idea of these investments-thingy.

Source: Google images
When presented with these documents, I feel like "Oh my gosh! This is so scary! I don't know if this is a good thing or not." Yeah, like honestly! I feel as if this kind of things are just for people who are already at their late 30's or when they reach a certain position or something.

Then there's this offer that I could get a credit card for free and I'm just like "Wow! Credit card! This might help me FEEL more professional!" NOT!

But hey! It's really important you get financially educated! The earlier the better.

And don't just sign into anything without thinking much about it. JUST. DON'T.

So there!

Those are some of the things I have experienced when I graduated.
For some this may not be the case, especially those that need to take some board examinations and stuffs.

How about you?

What does the real world look to you when you just graduated?

Leave your message on the comments section and might as well get featured on this blog post!

God bless!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Last Friday night (March 06, 2015), Cubbi went missing.

I am writing this article in the hopes that whoever sees him, or knows where he is, please let us know.
Or maybe at least, please relay this message to whoever has him now.

I've included a picture below to show what he looks like.

Contact Numbers:
0925 503 3966
236 4101

Who is Cubbi?

Cubbi is our pet shih tzu.

The first time he arrived home, he can never get off the basket by himself.

He was scared of getting down the stairs.

He used to wait for Anne (my sister) to come home because he won't sleep if she isn't back yet.

He used to poop on my green sofa bed.

He has his own space in the bed.

He survived Parvo.

He can get everyone crazy when he farts.

He quickly grew.

He is no longer scared of getting down the stairs.

He loves to run around.

He loves hugs.

He likes it when someone tickles his tummy.

He loves to cuddle.

He used to "dig" on the bed to bury any food he's got.

He loves to play with the children.

He went whaleshark-watching with us.

He loves joy rides.

He is not just a dog.

He is family.

To that person who has Cubbi now.

If ever you have no intention of returning him and just want to keep him, we would just like to request the following.

Please take good care of our Cubbi.

And to add some extra notes:

He loves to sleep when the room is cool.
He likes lechon belly so make sure you're going to give him some every once in a while.
Please do not give him chocolates.
He barks a lot when he needs something so make sure you're going to attend to him immediately.
He needs to be well-groomed.
He eats grass when he's not feeling well, so if he does that, make sure to check if he's okay.
He doesn't like popcorn.

Thank you.

We're still hoping for Cubbi to come home as soon as possible.

I pray that Cubbi is in safe hands.