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Once Upon a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a teenage girl named Wendy longed for adventure and romance. She felt like she was stuck in a reality she has no control over. She wanted to fly, go to places, and live a life full of wonders.

One day, she stumbled upon Never Land where she met her silver-haired prince. He has no name. She decided to call him Peter Pan.

Peter Pan showered her with pixie dust and the two traveled together to magical places. They had lots of fun in Never Land and they've seen so many wonderful things. 

"Everything is so wonderful.", Wendy thought.
"How can I grow my own wings so I won't depend on pixie dust anymore?", she asked.

"Nothing grows here. Not you, not me. Not anyone's wings. Not ever.", Peter Pan answered.

"Then what is the purpose of living here?", Wendy asked again.
"Fun! No problems, no responsibilities, no anything! Just fun.", Peter Pan answered.

But Wendy had enough of the fun. All the places they've been but sh…

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