Along the ridges of the abyss of depression, I wander.
I was curious about the reason of how love really works.

To be selfish of you will make you hate myself, hurt beyond repair.
To let go of you will take me down to my deepest self, and will hurt myself even more.

As I look down into the depths of my heart, I see you.

With everything and any decision I created and planned, I only end up with my heart ripped into half..

So in this moment I take three deep breaths and lean forward.
Falling into the depths of my sorrow.

I closed my eyes to avoid seeing you.
Regretting the decision of being loved by you.

Creating a beautiful story of my life with you in it, is a privilege and a gift.
But to see it broken.. to see it fade is hopelessly lonely.

I am on the ground.
I see myself in pieces.
I'm tired.
Tired of gathering everything to make it whole again.

I'm mad now.. not at you.. but at myself.
I did not love myself, I was selfless of giving you my life.

Say that I'm stubborn, I don't care.
When you said the reasons why you don't want me anymore, you let me look at your cheeks and see the tears run down on it.

I'm a fool.

A fool for believing that reason you left is you need time for yourself.

by: Krizan Mediodia
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The Rain

We were talking about the rain.

When does it pour.
What does it come with.
How is it difficult when you are under the rain.

 I said, when it rains, I will hold you under my umbrella.
And lift us up above the clouds, so you will be safe.

But you said, it would be better to stay under the rain without the umbrella.
You let me hold you and endure the pouring of the rain and coldness of a breeze.

I realized that time that to endure is better than to escape.

But now..

Now, look at you!! Escaping from the rain. . .

by : Kriszan Mediodia
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Working for Online Clients

I have tried working for an online client as a content writer.

The job did not really pay that much. Only a dollar for 500 words.

Anyways, I would just like to leave one simple tip for people who are planning to work for clients online.

Make sure you have a contract with the client to assure payment.

Well, yea. You get the idea what happened between me and my client. -,-
Haven't heard a word from him since January. Not even replying to my emails.
Oh well. Lesson learned.

And since we have no formal WRITTEN agreement or any contract to bond us whatsoever, *and since he has not paid me for my service yet*, I am planning to share written articles here in the future. Hope you'll learn something from them FOR FREE. (: *I've written ebooks that are supposedly to be downloaded from I-don't-know-where site*

And maybe when he'll realize I've published them online will he answer to my emails. -,-

God bless!

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It was never an easy road.. NEVER. (:

We had our ups and downs.
We had to overcome a lot of challenges along the way.

Things are sometimes harsh.
However, we chose to do this without relying on anyone.
We chose not to give up..
even if how the difficult the road may seem.

I'm just really glad and grateful right now that we are finally able to share this happiness with everyone. (:

And for people who somehow doesn't feel too good because they were never told beforehand, I don't think we need to apologize.

With all due respect, we don't owe you guys anything. (:

God bless!

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Blog for Declamation and InfoTech


So I have finally decided to open up a couple of other blogs.
Please feel free to check if you have the time. (:

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