Monday, March 9, 2015


Last Friday night (March 06, 2015), Cubbi went missing.

I am writing this article in the hopes that whoever sees him, or knows where he is, please let us know.
Or maybe at least, please relay this message to whoever has him now.

I've included a picture below to show what he looks like.

Contact Numbers:
0925 503 3966
236 4101

Who is Cubbi?

Cubbi is our pet shih tzu.

The first time he arrived home, he can never get off the basket by himself.

He was scared of getting down the stairs.

He used to wait for Anne (my sister) to come home because he won't sleep if she isn't back yet.

He used to poop on my green sofa bed.

He has his own space in the bed.

He survived Parvo.

He can get everyone crazy when he farts.

He quickly grew.

He is no longer scared of getting down the stairs.

He loves to run around.

He loves hugs.

He likes it when someone tickles his tummy.

He loves to cuddle.

He used to "dig" on the bed to bury any food he's got.

He loves to play with the children.

He went whaleshark-watching with us.

He loves joy rides.

He is not just a dog.

He is family.

To that person who has Cubbi now.

If ever you have no intention of returning him and just want to keep him, we would just like to request the following.

Please take good care of our Cubbi.

And to add some extra notes:

He loves to sleep when the room is cool.
He likes lechon belly so make sure you're going to give him some every once in a while.
Please do not give him chocolates.
He barks a lot when he needs something so make sure you're going to attend to him immediately.
He needs to be well-groomed.
He eats grass when he's not feeling well, so if he does that, make sure to check if he's okay.
He doesn't like popcorn.

Thank you.

We're still hoping for Cubbi to come home as soon as possible.

I pray that Cubbi is in safe hands.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Moms Get Nothing Done

Some people think doing household chores and taking care of children is one easy task, and often wonder why moms could not get everything done by the end of the day.

Well, below is a video depicting what really happens at home. (:

Too cute not to share (:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Annoying Things on the Month of FEB-Ibig

They say that when it's February, it is the month of "hearts". The time when people show their affection and gratitude to their partners. The time to celebrate love.

But all I see are people craving for chocolates and flowers!
People expecting movie-like surprise dates.
People wanting someone to be their valentine.


Being someone who easily gets annoyed by a lot of things, I've got my own personal list of annoying things during February.

** Happens only on a particular date: Valentines Day (February 14)

Single people posting how they hate Valentines.

It's that time of the year when my Facebook news feed, my inbox, twitter, and everything gets flooded with all these ALONE-THIS-VALENTINE-POSTS-AND-MESSAGES.
And they are all posted by people who are not committed to any "official" romantic relationship.

Source: Google images

They keep on posting "Lovers be dating on Valentines. I be here sitting and watching movie all alone. F*#% Valentines!! "

Ohmygosh. And I be like "It's not like you're single ONLY on Valentines. You've been single the entire time so please stop broadcasting it to the world."

Girls demanding for flowers and chocolates.

I accidentally read a message from this one girl who said "Please give me flowers on Valentines."
And I was like "Okay, she must be kidding."

Source: Google images

When Valentines Day was nearing, she messaged again, "Please do not forget my flowers. Send it to the office. :) Thank you!"

And I was like "Ohmygosh! I'm pretty sure you were also asking flowers from a lot of other guys! For what!? So that when the flowers arrive, people would think you've got a bunch of suitors!? Just ohmygosh! How desperate can you be?"

People who start contacting ex-lovers.

Ex-lovers who suddenly text and say, "How are you?" when Valentines Day is coming is obviously just looking for someone to make out with during the said date.

Need not say more.

Source: Google images

People changing their FB status to "In a Relationship". **

Source: Google images

Please. We all know you're not really in a relationship. So please.

Girlfriends expecting extravagant surprises from their boyfriends.

I find it annoying when I hear some girls whining over how their boyfriends have not given them a bouquet of roses like everyone else has.
How their boyfriends did not bring them to a romantic dinner under the light of the moon like everyone else did.
How their boyfriends did not buy them expensive chocolates and blah blah blah.

Just annoying.

Girls saying they are not expecting any surprises.

I find it annoying when girls suddenly blurt out "Oh, I don't really expect anything this Valentines!" even if no one was actually asking them.

Please. We all know you do.

People posting how lonely their Valentines will be in hopes of getting a date.

Seriously. Do you think you'll get a date on Valentines if you keep on posting how pathetic your life is right now? Just ugh.

Long queues at restaurants. **

I used to eat dinner out every time my shift ends.
But when it's Valentines, there are always very long waiting lines outside of almost every restaurant.

Source: Google images

And it's not like everyone inside is not yet done eating. They're just not done with their lovey-dovey and selfie / photo-taking sessions!

Ohmygosh. And I'm here starving. Tsss.

Heavy traffic. **

All I want is to go home and have dinner since it's oh-so-crowded at restaurants.
But no!
I'm here. Stuck in traffic. Starving.

Single ladies posting Valentine presents with a caption "You know who you are :)". **

This kind of post just wants to intrigue curious friends. You just want them to think you've got a secret Valentine.

Source: Google images

If it's not something you bought for yourself, it's either your relatives and girl friends gave it to you or you got it from an exchanging gifts party.

So there.

But not because I find a lot of things annoying in Valentines means I don't like it.

I mean, it's still just a pretty ordinary day.

How about you?
What other things do you find annoying on February?

Leave your message on the comments section and might as well get featured on this blog post.

Godspeed ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dealing with "Unfavorable" Customers

As what a few of my friends know, I've started my own online shop last year, 2014.

There was no official date as this only started out as a plain hobby of online buying and selling.

I've been very kind and considerate to customers because all online sellers I've been dealing with also treated me the same.

They could even remember my name and what I ordered from them and it makes my heart smile knowing these people actually take every customer seriously.

And that very fulfilling feeling of knowing my customers love, not only my items, but also my service is another plus of why I would treat my customer so generously.

But then again, not everyone is nice and not everyone loves to read!

Here are some customers whom I find difficult to deal with and how I actually deal with them.

Customers who don't read.

All details - from item code, size, price, availability down to the meetup schedules and shipping fee - are already posted but then they would still ask "How much?"
Oh, come'on! I have provided every detail and have put a lot of effort on every word and then these customers don't even read them.

Source: Google images

HOW I DEAL: Even if I do get annoyed at times, I will still answer their questions with matching smiling emoticons. And when getting irritated gets the better of me, I would simply answer with "It's stated on the description, dear. (:". Yes. With matching smiling emoticons.

Customers who keep on changing meetup location/schedule.

There are customers who agrees to meet in this one place and then later on says they prefer another place and then later on change the date and then realized they are not available on that date so they would change the place again and waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

HOW I DEAL: I've already set preferred location meetups and days so I'd just tell my customer to choose one from those. And with emphasis tell them that I do not cater all special meetup requests. If they can't choose from any of those, it's either we resort to shipment or the customer just has to find another seller.

Customers who think sellers are desperate for money.

If there's one top misconception about sellers, it is thinking that sellers are broke and poor and are in desperate need of money. I have encountered one customer who demanded for a special meetup, and I had to politely tell her I cannot grant the said request. She then told me, "Why not!? How much is your SMU fee? I can pay you."

Source: Google images

HOW I DEAL: I wanted to tell her she could just shove her money down her throat and that I am earning more in an hour at the office than the item she wanted to buy. But since we sellers have to always keep our cool (even if we are actually losing it), I just told her that I had other priorities such as work and family. And well, it's better I no longer have to comment to the customer about her being able to pay me an additional fee for the SMU. Pfft.

Customers who cancels the order on follow-ups.

I give considerations to customers who cancels orders. I mean, there might be an emergency and anything. But there are customers who loves to reserve items and then says they'll get their orders on the next week. By next week, when I follow up, they'll just say "Oh, I'll cancel my order."
Oh wow. You could have told me sooner when you know you're already cancelling.

Source: Google images

HOW I DEAL: As irritating as it may seem, I just have to move on and thank the customer (for nothing, actually). Oh well.

Customers who buy now and pay later. (idea added by Ishoppe)

There are big retailers who offer this kind of service. And even if the idea is quite tempting, we all know that most of these would require a customer to use their credit cards. So that means the customer would pay on a later date but with a chance of paying it with a higher amount.
Now, my online shop is just a small personal business so most of my direct customers would be my friends. And well.. knowing that we're always gonna see each other anyway, tend to just buy the items now and pay later (like a week or two) - without swiping any credit card! That leaves me with no more items for other potential buyers and no profit yet. Quite inconvenient for the budget.

HOW I DEAL: If it's just an item or two, I make considerations and actually just give in to their request. If it's like half a dozen or more, I would politely ask if they could at least give 25% - 50% of the payment. If it's someone I don't know personally, I would never let them get the item without the payment.

These are just some of the customers I find hard to deal with and uhm.. "unfavorable".

How about you?

Are you also a seller who has to deal with these kinds of people?
What kind of customers do you find unfavorable?
How do you deal with them?

Leave your message on the comments section and might as well get featured on the next blog posts.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

How To Take Compliments

So just recently, someone approached us and basically just told me that I am looking younger.
Of course, if it was someone else, they'd be jumping with joy.

But because it was me, the-ever-skeptical-ME, I was not so sure on how to react.
Source: Google Images

Being in a circle of friends that loves to bully a lot, I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing which are compliments and which are sarcasms.

Like there's this one time I had my hair cut really short.

A friend said, "Hey, your hair looks nice. It looks good on you."

I don't know if he meant it or he's just being sarcastic.

Does my hair really look good?
Does it look good on me because my short hair matches with the short me?
Is he complimenting me because he felt sorry for my haircut?

I don't know if I should be flattered, embarrassed or insulted whenever I receive a compliment.
And then I end up over-analyzing things.

Was that a real compliment?
Was he joking?
Was he indirectly insulting me?

So yea.

This is why I am never good in taking compliments.

How about you?

Was there any instance you had trouble responding to a compliment?

How do you take compliments?

I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to leave your message below and might as well get featured on the next blog posts! (:


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Collect Anime Figurines

Anime is a form of animation that originated from Japan and has become popular with Western audiences as well. The love for anime often leads fans to collect anime figurines or nendoroids (chibi versions). These kinds of figures are modeled after anime characters, which are commonly characterized by their big eyes and emotional facial expressions.

Source: Pinterest

Collecting anime figurines has become a hobby for a lot of people. These are collected from all over the world since there may be some which are available in one part but not on another. Some are even in limited or special edition which makes collectors crave for them even more.

Some people say collecting anime figurines is a fun hobby. Others say it is just a waste of money. Though non-anime fans and non-collectors often wonder how it is fun, here are some of the reasons why some people love to collect these.

Source: Pinterest
For the love of anime

Many people who collect anime figurines are interested in the anime or manga and not really on the action figure itself. They love to collect figurines of characters from a specific anime merely because they love these characters. They find joy to see their favorite characters just within their reach.

Source: Pinterest
Just for the sake of collecting

Collectors collect simply because they love owning something interesting and unusual. Considering the fact that anime has become very popular, a lot of special editions become available in some parts of the world. One of the many goals as a collector is to possess something rare and valuable, which then leads them to collecting these figurines.

For decoration

Anime figurines are used as room decorations as well since they are interesting to look at. They look really beautiful most especially if placed on cases that are specially designed to hold collectibles. Since anime has a variety of genre, so does its figurines. Some are more suited to be displayed on a child’s bedroom. These may be figurines from child-friendly anime shows. Men can choose mecha-themed or sports-related figurines to be displayed on their room. There are also figurines from romantic and other girly kinds of anime to be used as decorations by the ladies.

Source: Pinterest
To play

These things may be cool to collect but they are basically just toys. People collect action figures to play with. Some would buy them to give to children who will. Since anime has become popular with a wide variety of audiences, people who own anime figurines play with them to imitate what they saw on the show. Playing with anime figurines also provide outlet for imagination.

Source: Pinterest
For potential profit

Though these figurines may just seem to be just for decoration or just something to play with, these may be something of monetary value in the future. Some companies discontinue producing a certain anime figurine. As time passes, the value for discontinued figurines may rise since these can never be bought elsewhere in the world anymore. Other collectors would be willing to pay another collector just to own the discontinued figurine. In some other cases, these figurines can be used for trade.

Source: Pinterest

Because of peers

Another reason for collecting anime figurines is because everyone else is doing it. Anime fans are mostly active in anime clubs, groups, events and conventions. Most of those who are active in such gatherings do collect anime figurines. A person may be influenced to also do the same because the hobby has interests him, or it could be that a person would start collecting just so they have something in common with the rest of his peers.

There may be a lot more other reasons as to why collectors and anime fans love collecting anime figurines. These reasons may not be easily understood by people who neither like anime nor collecting. But whatever the reason may be, they find love and beauty in what they are doing.

Anything to add? Hit us on the comments section. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why I Love Online Shopping

I never really liked shopping up until I knew that I could do it online.
Since then, I have been an active online shopper and eventually created my own online shop, Cebu Online Shopper.

Source: Plan A.E

Here are some of the reasons why I love shopping stuffs online.

Shopping at the comfort of my own home.
I hate going to crowded places with people pushing around. This has become one of the main reasons why I never liked going to department stores.

But with online shopping, I could just lie around at home (or basically anywhere) and browse stuffs using my computer or even with just my phone.

Comparing prices is easier.
Sometimes, some stores have much cheaper prices for a similar item than with the other stores.
I find it a hassle to go over these stores and go back to that one store that has the lowest price.

In online shopping, it is easier to compare prices as I could visit two or more stores at the same time.

Shop items from different parts of the country.
It is a great way to check for items that are not yet available in my local area.

As of this writing, I was able to buy items from Manila, Cavite and Paranaque without having to go to the said places.

Different brands in one store.
Through online shopping, I can choose items of different brands with just a single online shop, such as Zalora which offers a wide range of fashionable clothing from different brands.

Easily sort out depending on my preference.
When shopping, I always look for items with the lowest prices first.

This feature is offered by some online retailers wherein I could choose to sort items by their prices, by popularity, by discounts or even sort by new arrivals.

A gift from me to me.
One of the joys of online shopping is when your package arrives, it feels as if I just received a gift from myself. The excitement of unpacking is there.

Special discounts.
By special discounts, I meant the ones that could only be obtained when one has a promo code.
It is not available for everyone, but the feeling of being able to avail of such a discount is something.

Buy, sell and swap.
Online shopping is not limited to just buying and selling items. It is also open for swaps!

I, myself, had already done a lot of swapping transactions wherein I exchange my item with another item from a different shop.

Opportunity to have an online business.
Because of online shopping, I was inspired to start my own online business as well. Some online shops, like Instant Fashion Business, offers reselling opportunities with a minimum or no capital at all.

There are a lots of pro's to online shopping! But online shopping also requires one to be very vigilant and careful with making transactions online.

I would always check feedback and reviews before purchasing anything online and even frequently checks #bogusph on Instagram.

Online shopping is fun! But make sure it is also safe.

Happy shopping, lovies :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dream: Lost in the City. The Hill.

Date of dream: October 31, 2014

The city.

I was driving on my way to Ayala.
I was coming from the south and had to take the highway route.

I remember that I had to take one left turn in order to reach my destination.
I just kept on driving and driving.
I still haven't seen the turn.

I decided to go back, maybe I had not noticed it.

Still driving.. and driving.. and driving.

But I still cannot see the turn.

That's when I realized I was lost.

I just kept on going on, hoping I could reach some place familiar.
Well, at that stage, I was not driving anymore - I was already walking.

I continued to walk.

I noticed a very small road, something only one person could enter.
Maybe that's why in my dream, I had to lose my car.

I decided to walk myself towards there.

I noticed that the road is going uphill.

Upon walking, I found it much "greener".
It seems just like what "probinsyas" would look like.

There was this part with a gate.
I tried getting myself in but it seems I am not allowed.

I continued walking up.. and up.

There was this unexplainable joy.

A feeling of peace.

Even if it seems I was the only person there, I was not lonely.

There were no worries.

I was secured.

That moment a thought came into me.

"Tell the Lord what you desire."

I then found myself speaking of all things I usually pray for.

I was speaking of my family, of world peace, of equality of men, women, rich and poor, and all other things I have not realized I may have secretly desired.

When I finished, I found myself on the very top of this mysterious hill.

I saw the whole city.

It seems I am on top of it all.

I am no longer lost.

I began walking downhill so I could go back to the city.

Suddenly, some inner voice tells me, "Do not forget."

I stopped before reaching the city grounds.

It's as if the feeling of getting back to reality suddenly struck me.

I want to turn around and go back to the hill.

I turned back.

And then...

I woke up.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Relationships: Is the One You are With THE ONE?

Is the person you are dating now the one you want to spend your lifetime with?
Or are you just playing around and try to see if things would work out?
How would you know if you should need to stop playing and start being serious?
I am not being a miss-know-it-all here or being Dr. Love but let me share to you a few points or questions of how I could say that my partner is the one.

Can you imagine waking up next to him/her every morning?
No makeup, messy hair, bad breath, morning glory and everything you try to hide from your partner on your dates shall no longer be a secret. That also goes with your partner as well - you get to see him/her on the same state.

Can you accept your partner despite all the criticisms from family and friends?
Your relationship can never please everyone. You will hear negative feedback from family and friends. The important thing is, you know for yourself that you know your partner better than they do so their comments won't affect how you see your partner.

Are you willing to forgive past faults and move on?
It is important to heal wounds by forgiveness. In a relationship, bringing up past mistakes means these matters aren't truly healed.

Will you still love and wait for your partner despite the distance?
One simple way to know if you can stand the distance is when your partner is not around, you are not out there looking for somebody else's attention.

Do you work together well?
As they always say, "Chemistry". You and your partner are able to work things out together just fine. When problems arise, you both work out to fix things, not worsen them.

Will you still love your partner when he/she grows old?
Growing old means wrinkles, white hair, losing teeth, loose skin, getting bald, etc. If you and your partner are truly in love, you would overlook all the physical "aging" stuffs.

Are you truly yourself when you're together?
You don't need to pretend to be someone else just to please your partner. If there is one thing I understood about love, it is about accepting someone for who and what they truly are.

Will you say "yes" if your partner asks for your hand?
Financial and other stuffs aside, what would you answer if your partner suddenly asks you if you want to marry him/her?

If most of your answers above is "YES", then HOORAY!
Guess you have found the ONE. ;)

But take note that each individual has their own standards for their "the one".
"The ONE" does not need to be perfect.
"The ONE" does not need to be your ideal guy or girl.

"The ONE" is just the person you feel that is the one truly meant for you and the one you want to spend the rest of your lifetime with.

Want to share something?
Please feel free to leave a message on the comments section.

Everything written on this article is based on personal experiences and observations. This article is highly opinionated and not based on any kind of "official" research and survey.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dream: The Scene. The Naughty Niece. The Hut.

A dream.

I was walking on a cemented ground and on my left side was the beach. It looks so beautiful, though the ocean really seems empty (no ship or boats).
The horizon was very clear and the color of the ocean was light blue (not the usual dark blue).

There were four people kneeling on the cemented ground - three adults and one boy. They were like laying some stuffs on the ground like dried fish and shells.

As I was walking, I noticed some puddles on the cemented ground. The water on those spots were really very beautiful and I could see the reflection of the sky and myself. I decided to take out my iPod Touch to post a picture in Instagram. At the same time, a thought came into me that I should just borrow my boyf's phone since it has a better cam.

Just when I was about to take a picture, a naughty little girl just appeared and begin pushing me into the water.

I was running away and she kept on chasing me. Later on I just realized this is my older brother's daughter.

While I was being chased, the cemented ground turns into this kind of shape - # (the lines are the cemented ground and the spaces are water pools - uhm. just imagine the rice field)

The ocean is no longer there but the change of setting did not really bothered me in my dream, because... well, it's a dream!

Until a saw a small two-storey nipa hut.
My Uncle was standing by the door.
(Note: He is the deceased stepfather of my brother)

I just said "Uncle ou!" pointing at my naughty niece who was chasing me.

I entered the nipa hut and my uncle hugged my niece, so she stopped chasing me. I just went upstairs where I saw my parents who were changing clothes because they would want to go for a swim.

And then I woke up.

Note: If any of you knows the interpretation of this dream, please leave a message on the comments section.