Saturday, August 27, 2016

Help a Friend's Dad Garage Sale: Shop for a Cause

Today is the first day of the two-day fundraising event held at Handuraw, Gorordo.

I, my SO and our little lakwaXera went there after lunch. It began raining really hard but that didn't stop the garage sale, nor the shoppers. Thankfully enough, the rain didn't really stay long. Hoho rain rain go away.

Here are some of the stuffs that are available on the garage sale.

Price of the items usually range  from 100 - 250. Accessories start at Php20.
There are also books, manga, bags and even model kits.

Baked goodies such as puto flan, choco flan and yema cake are also available. I forgot to take a photo, though.

There is also a tarot card reading for Php50 only.
And since Handuraw is a Pokestop, there's going to be some lure party happening, too.

Today's sale was extended until 8:30 PM. Thank you so much, Handuraw, for the accommodation.

Thank you for everyone who visited.

There will be another round tomorrow (August 28 11am to 6pm), so don't forget to drop by if you have the time. :)

All the love and support are greatly appreciated. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gift Idea: Caricatures by Ranvic

Looking for any gift ideas to give to a loved one?

Why not try giving them a comic version of themselves through caricatures! :D

Caricature is a picture or representation of a person or thing in which striking characteristics are exaggerated to give it a comic or grotesque effect.

It is artsy and gives off a personalized vibe. The whole picture is carefully made to match the person(s) it is depicting. It is fun and creative, too, in a sense that whatever concept you have in mind can be applied. Want to appear like a mermaid? No problem :D

Give Ranvic* Caricatures a chance to make your beloved extra special.

I just got ours - a picture of our little family going water rafting. Hahah! Maybe we'd actually do that soon. XD
Water Rafting - Ranvic Caricatures

You can contact them or see more of their works on Facebook .

The caricature already comes with a frame. :)

Price and Size:
  • Php350 - 8" x 11"
  • Php800 - 12" x 16/19"

* Ranvic - combined name of Randolf and Marivic

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Garage Sale for a Cause

We are raising funds to help our friend whose dad needs to undergo two brain surgeries.

With this, I am inviting everyone to come help us by visiting our Garage Sale at Handuraw, Gorordo on August 27 to 28, 2016, 11AM to 6PM.

Garage Sale for a Cause - Help a Friend's Dad

You can find preloved clothes, baked goodies and lots of other stuffs that might interest you.
Bring your friends along, too, and help us spread the word. :)

If you wish to donate some things to add for the garage sale, we would gladly accept.
Any kind of help is welcome. :)

Every bit of love and help counts. ♥

For more information and updates, or if you wish to contact the event organizers, please visit this Facebook Event Page: Help A Friend's Dad - Garage Sale for a Cause.

See you there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Coffee Jelly Dessert turned Buko Pandan Coffee Jelly

Chapter 1: The Story

I have tasted one of the simplest yet satisfying desserts ever! It is jelly with "coffee sauce". I didn't get the name since this is just given free, so I'm calling it "Coffee Jelly".
I was then very confident I could make something like this. Ha!
Coffee Jelly
Coffee Jelly Dessert from Taiwan Sha-bu Sha-bu

Chapter 2: The Ingredients

Primary ingredients would be:
  • gelatine
  • coffee
Milk can also be added depending on taste preference.

Chapter 3: Creating the Coffee Jelly Dessert

We started with the coffee-flavored gelatine. I sought help from my sister because, well, I don't really know how to make jelly. Don't judge me!

Coffee Gelatine
Coffee Gelatine
The aroma is so inviting.. and so coffee-ish.
So we waited for a few minutes and.....

It's not hardening!

We waited for a few more minutes. It has fully cooled down but it's not turning into jelly. Oh no!

Realizing that the coffee-flavored gelatine is a failure, our mom came to the rescue.
Thank God for moms! :D

We do not have extra coffee gelatine, so instead she used buko pandan.

Buko Pandan Jelly
Buko Pandan Jelly
This one hardened in less than ten minutes.

She didn't want to put the coffee gelatine to waste so she mixed another pack of buko pandan jelly into it.

Chapter 4: Eating Time!

I first used the buko pandan jelly. Forgive our presentation since we don't have proper molders.

Buko Pandan Jelly with Coffee
For this one I added coffee and condensed milk.
It tasted well but not what I expected.

After the coffee + buko pandan jelly hardened, I proceeded with playing around with it, too.

Buko Pandan Coffee Jelly
I only added condensed milk since this is already coffee-flavored. And gawd!
It was so sweet.. TOO SWEET! Maybe because it was mixed with the buko pandan jelly.

I can't finish one serving because of too much sweetness.

My mom then mixed all the jellies left in one bowl.

Buko Pandan Coffee Jelly
She added ice, too!

Chapter 5: Lessons Learned

I have learned and realized lots of things.

Don't be overconfident. Even the simplest thing, if not done right, can go terribly wrong. Haha!

Don't mix buko pandan and coffee gelatine. Never!

Always read instructions carefully.

Try using a unflavored gelatine.

Try not to use 3n1 coffee.

It's better to have extra ingredients. Just so we don't have to mix different flavored jellies next time.

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." ~ Henry Ford

That's it. Will just have to try to get it right next time. :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Everything Yummy [food + love] - Where Everything is Yummy!

One of my current favorite restaurants is Everything Yummy [food + love]. Thanks to Mindy Sy, for introducing me to this resto.

What can I say? Everything is literally yummy! The chef really did put love into their food. The place doesn't get too crowded and noisy and I really love it when I'm enjoying my food at peace. 

The foods are a bit pricey, but with all the love they put into their food and service, you'd definitely get your money's worth.

Here are some of the dishes I would recommend.

Beef Salpicao

Everything Yummy - Beef Salpicao
Beef Salpicao - Php 325
The aroma itself is very appetizing. Every beef chunk is so flavorful and tender. I really love the taste of garlic and butter in every bite. Just writing about this now makes me really hungry!

Serving is good for two(2) people. * Note: I am a more-rice-than-dish-person.

The Big Burger Steak

Everything Yummy - The Big Burger Steak
The Big Burger Steak - Php 185
My daughter has come to that stage where she becomes choosy with food, so we had to somehow "beg" her to eat. But with The Big Burger Steak, she does the begging. That's just how delectable this dish is. From the succulent steak to the mushrooms up to the saporific sauce, everything is just yummy!

Serving is good for three (3) people.

Smoked Chorizo and Mushroom Cream Pasta

Everything Yummy - Smoked Chorizo and Mushroom Cream Pasta
Smoked Chorizo and Mushroom Cream Pasta - Php215
This dish is served with pasta covered in mushroom cream sauce, topped with chorizo bits, and a slice of garlic bread. The pasta is cooked just enough to make it soft yet still firm when bitten. The flavor of the creamy mushroom sauce sticks on the pasta making it so tasteful.

Serving is good for one (1) to two (2) people.

Very Mango Float

Everything Yummy - Very Mango Float
Very Mango Float - Php 90
In every occasion and in every restaurant, SO prefers to have Mango Float as dessert. Fortunately, they also have it on their menu. It may got its name because of the ample layers of mango in it. 

~ * ~

These are just some of the heavenly goodness the restaurant offers. They also offer salads, sandwiches and even breakfast meals.

I will be updating this post if I ever get to visit again. 

If you want to experience these scrumptious meals, try to visit one of their branches.

Everything Yummy is located at eBloc Tower 2, IT Park and Piazza Elesia, Talamban.

Yay or Nay? Definitely a YAY!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Y2000: Say "Cheese" to the Smallest Camcorder

I actually bought a mini camcorder and I'm not really sure why. Haha!

Haven't really put it to a decent use except adding it as a prop to some of my photos.

A photo posted by J Cyrel | Aya Byuu (@ayisharu) on

Because of that, some of my friends are now asking about it. I will be answering some of those questions here. :)

The camera is called Y2000, by the way.

Y2000 mini camcorder

Can it really take photos?

Yes, it CAN. It can even record videos and can be used as a webcam. Resolution is 2 megapixels.

How much?

I got it for Php600 only. I bought this from my brother's friend. This can also be bought online. Just search for Y2000 mini camcorder.

Does it have bluetooth or wireless functionality?

What? No. The package does come with a chord, a sling and a neat keyholder chain.

Is it wide-view?

Uhm. No. The subject of the photo is zoomed, though.

Is it water-proof?

Oh my gosh! This isn't some action camera. No, it's not waterproof.

A photo posted by J Cyrel | Aya Byuu (@ayisharu) on

Any sample shots?

Photo taken by Y2000 mini camcorder
Here you go! This is a raw photo taken by using the camera as a webcam. No filter, no watermark, no edits. Just raw.

Got to have nice lighting for better quality photos.

How to use it? It doesn't have lots of buttons.

That's right. In fact, there is only one button.
  • Turn on - press on the shutter for two seconds. The red LED light then comes on indicating the device is already on. 
  • Take a photo - press the shutter for one second. The LED light would blink once. 
  • Record video - press the shutter for two seconds. The LED light would then keep on blinking signifying that it is currently recording. To stop recording, press on the shutter again.
  • Turn off - press and hold the shutter for four seconds. The LED light would blink three times and go off.
  • Use as webcam - connect the camera to a computer. This will treat the camera as an external storage device. Press the shutter once and the camera will be treated as a webcam.

The camera froze! What to do?

There are times when the camera would suddenly stop responding. Panic not. Use a pointy (but not too pointy) object to press the hole found on the upper right of the camera. This is the reset button.

Y2000 mini camcorder

How to remove the timestamp?

Well, that's my problem, too. Let me know if you find a solution. ;)

Anything else you want to add?
Feel free to hit the comments section.

Batchoy and Ngohiong: Filipino Favorites by Foodito Dine

Foodito Dine

`Cause we are proud pinoys (and `cause we're really hungry), we tried this food stall named Filipino Favorites by foodito dine. They offer silogs - "si" for sinangag (fried rice); "log" for itlog (egg). a Filipino meal with fried rice and egg.

We ordered La Paz Batchoy.

La Paz Batchoy
La Paz Batchoy - Php45
Nothing extraordinary about the batchoy. The taste is a little bland. 
If not for some pepper and soy sauce, I'd give this a nay.

La Paz Batchoy
Well, it isn't exactly a nay, but it's not something I would be craving for, nor something I would look forward to eating again.

We ordered ngohiong as well.
Ngohiong - Php 10 / piece
One piece is sliced into four parts
Most of the times, I eat the food without the sauce first to check if the food itself is already palatable. This one is kind of a meh without the sauce.

Yay or Nay? Not a yay, but I won't say this is a nay. The taste of the food may not be something that we would be looking for the next time but it's not really that unpleasant. We might even go back to taste some of their silogs.

Filipino Favorites by foodito dine is located at second floor Talamban Times Square.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Snakyard: Nachos and Pasta

Asides from their famous porkchop, Snakyard also offers pastas and nachos.


Carbonara - Php 79
The pasta was nicely al dente covered with creamy delectable sauce. 
It's best if consumed hot.

SO may have noticed I really liked it. Being a true gent as he is, he gave me most of the share. So YAY!


Nachos (Beef) - Php 60
Chips aren't too salty and just perfect for the salsa and the cheesy beef dip. The cheese dip is *of course* cheesy and a little spicy.

More chips and/or salsa may be added for an additional price.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and Cheese (Beef) - Php 45
The sauce is the same cheesy goodness as with the dip for the nachos. This is also best eaten hot.

While I was busy dipping my chips, SO placed the mac and cheese as toppings. Woooh! Clever.

Yay or Nay? YAY!

Extra Tip:
The cheese dip may not be enough since there are too many chips. Additional cheese is Php30 and beef is Php15 - a total of Php45! Why not buy macaroni and cheese for the same price (pork is Php5 less)? And you'd get much more, too. ;)

Snakyard is located at 3rd floor JCentre Mall Food Xpress.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thrombocytosis: Too Much Platelets!

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocytosis ET (no, I'm not an alien). We had our annual physical exam and that's when I found out I have inordinate amount of platelets. Like WOW!

I underwent laboratory tests such as CBC (complete blood count) and bone marrow biopsy.

I searched online for possible causes of platelet count going higher than normal. Found out there were two kinds of thrombocytosis: essential (the one I have) and reactive.

Essential or primary thrombocytosis is a blood disease wherein the megakaryocytes overproduce platelets. I imagine mine working overtime making lots and lots of thrombocytes (platelets)!
My megakaryocytes may look like potatoes, but hey! They are overachievers! Hooray!! (lol, nope!)

Reactive or secondary thrombocytosis is developed due to an underlying cause, such as iron deficiency, chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Anyways, I didn't really experience any problems or symptoms. In fact, if not for our annual physical exam, I will not know at all!

The hematologist - someone who specializes on diseases of the blood - explained to me that though I may not feel that there's something wrong, having too much platelets would possibly cause sudden clogging of the nerves - which would be very critical.

I was prescribed two (2) capsules of hydroxyurea daily to lower the production of blood cells. A medicine that would make my "blood producers" lazy. (lol, yep!)
Asked what foods and activities I needed to avoid, the doctor said I could just eat and do anything as what I would normally do.

My platelet count did went down from 1M to 700k (normal range is 150k - 400k). The downside is that my red and white blood cells went down as well. So I had to take some multivitamins. I also get bruises here and there. The doctor said it was fine as long as the bruises just go away. I'm getting nauseous at times and I'm getting lazier than I normally am.

I stopped taking my meds but mom scolded me. (lol, haha)

I've read of a few online who has the same "disease" and we have the same uncertainties. Like, should I have to take this med for the rest of my life? Is the internet honest when it says that this is blood cancer? Yea, things like that.

But I know God has His plans and I know He won't give me something I cannot handle.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in You. (Psalm 56:3)
Do you know someone who has high platelet count, too?
Got anything to add?
Go on, encourage me. (lol kidding, but you may though haha)

Feel free to hit the comments section below.

God bless!☺

Friday, July 22, 2016

Topokki Man

I've been in love with Topokki Man since 2011, and it actually makes me wonder why I haven't written anything about it on this blog until now.

Today I will be sharing my personal favorites.

Topokki Man - Topokki with Cheese
Topokki with Cheese (Php 180)
* Regular Topokki - Php 130
* wuth cheese - add Php 50
Topokki is a Korean snack made of rice cakes dipped in sweet spicy sauce, topped with spices, hard-boiled egg and a couple of wanton crisps. Toppings could also be added depending on preference. As for me and my SO, we always order it with mozzarella cheese.

I love how chewy and cheesy the rice cakes are. Though I have low tolerance for spicy foods, I could finish a whole bowl of this, myself. That's how I love this dish! This is a MUST-HAVE every time we visit the restaurant.

Topokki Man - Dumplings
Dumplings (Php 20)
Topokki is also best when paired with their set of frieds (Php 130).

Extra tip: If you have enough sauce left, you could order rice to mix with it.

Topokki Man - Ramen
Ramen with egg (Php 100)
Their ramen is served with a free complementary dish. This time we had kimchi.

Topokki Man - Kimchi
You could also choose to have a veggie salad instead.

Topokki Man - Babyroll
Babyroll (Php 70)
For a non-spicy dish, we had babyroll - their maki version without the mango.

And for dessert, tadaan~
Topokki Man - Mango Float
Mango Float (Php 80)

Other than the food, the ambiance is welcoming, artsy and fun. The walls have polaroid pictures and their tables have personalized messages and doodles from customers.

The owner is very accommodating and even waits for the customers, himself. There was one time he gave my daughter free ice cream! Thank you!!

Topokki Man also offers value meals they call USC (Unanimous Student's Choice).

Yay or Nay? Topokki Man would alwaaaays be a big YAY!

Topokki Man is located at Rosedale Suites, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Talamban, Cebu and opens from Mondays to Saturdays 11AM to 11PM.

They also accept deliveries (except on Sundays). Contact them at 032 3456701.